If you’re a traveller, you need to consider Merino wool clothing. Whether jet setting in cities or hiking outdoors, staying active is simple when wearing merino clothes.

Merino wool clothes are some of the best travel clothes, for all kinds of travelers. They’re great for layering and keep you both warm and cool depending on the climate – amongst many other benefits!

Keep on reading to find out why Merino wool clothing for travel is so helpful for any traveller – plus, where to get some of the best merino wool clothes. 

What is Merino wool

Merino wool is obtained from Merino sheep and is of high quality, with many unique properties. 

Merino clothes are known for their softness, breathability, adaptability, and elasticity. It’s also not scratchy like other wool types. These are just some of the reasons why merino wool clothing for travel is so popular! 

Ouar review of Merino wool t-shirts and travel hoodie

Previously, my imported a lot of high-quality wool to sell in Germany. Because of her, I knew that Merino wool is far more special than other wool types.

Even so, wool jumpers weren’t my favorite clothing. The main reason is that it’s not a good idea to wash and dry them with the rest of your clothes, which can happen too quickly with me.

However, knowing the quality of Merino wool, I was actually looking forward to test it myself.

Is it worth the price? Would it hold up to my expectations?

I just needed the right shirt.

Last week I received a Merino t-shirt, a polo shirt and the compact travel hoodie from Unbound Merino to try out. And I can tell you, if I didn’t like them, this article would not exist.

My first impression was: “Nice! They look and feel good.” When my wife saw them she said: “Oh, they are so soft. Is there one for me?”

Obviously I tried them on right away and I expected that they would scratch badly. But they didn’t. Sure, it feels different to a normal cotton shirt, but it’s just a different level of quality. And that tiny scratchiness disappeared after washing them.

I tried them on and my son’s feedback to the polo was: “You look like you want to do business. I like the hoodie one the most.”

All three fitted right away and looked, and felt, good. And now I know which one I’ll wear for my next business trip!

So far so good, but nothing unexpected compared to other shirts and pullovers.

Merino brands and retailers say that they are great travel products as they don’t wrinkle and smell so quickly. So let’s test this! The question is, how will the t-shirt, and I, smell after wearing them a couple of days?

Usually you change your t-shirt daily. So far, I’ve been wearing mine for four days. It’s late summer, the weather is good and I’ve been outside for most of the time wearing the t-shirt. And so far nobody in the family has complained!

In case they were just polite, I’ll go a step further…

My son will have to give his feedback and smell the t-shirt after wearing it for seven days without washing.

I’ll add an update and provide you with his feedback here soon!

Update: I’ve worn the t-shirt for a complete week now. I’ve been outside, inside, active, lazy… even working at the PC. 😉

Last night I’ve taken it off and asked my son to smell it. And yes, it was sweaty, but not strong. A normal t-shirt would have been “un-wearable” by now.

Still I expected a better result, not really, but a tiny bit. So the t-shirt got moved onto the cupboard. In the morning it was time for a new smell test. My son was a bit more careful, but realized then that all the ‘strong’ odor was completely gone. My wife was next and she asked me if it was the same shirt.

I’m totally convinced now. That is great travel gear, but also for the everyday use.

History of Merino wool clothes

We’ve been using Merino wool for centuries, as merino wool sheep were first bred in Spain and eventually moved to Australia in the 18th century. It was later in Australia where sheep farmers improved the wool quality drastically through selective breeding. 

In the fashion world, Merino clothes became popular in the 1920s with Coco Chanel’s first fine wool jersey dress. Today, wool has become more prevalent in fashion and agriculture, and many different types are available. Australia and New Zealand are still major producers of Merino wool globally.

What’s so great about traveling with Merino wool clothing?

Merino wool clothes should be at the top of your packing list because it’s as close to ‘magic’ as you’re going to get. 

After testing them, let’s go into more detail.

Firstly, you can pack fewer clothes if you choose Merino wool travel clothing, as Merino wool is lightweight. The ‘magic’ happens as its fibres change depending on the temperature. When it’s cool, the wool fibres crimp and bend to trap in air, which will insulate you. In warm weather, Merino wool wipes sweat away quickly from your skin, helping you keep cool and dry. 

Secondly, merino wool clothes are known for being wrinkle-resistant and elastic. They’ll look good after many years, as long as you are taking care of them. Merino is also antimicrobial by nature, meaning it’s odour-resistant, so you don’t need to wash them as often as other clothing. 

Thirdly, you should know that merino wool travel clothing can help provides natural UV protection against the sun. Merino wool clothing has an Ultraviolet Protection Rating of around 40+, which is higher than cotton clothing that only has a score of 5. This rating means that Merino wool can block approximately 97% of UV rays from your skin.

Additionally, you should know that Merino wool is a sustainable material. Merino is a natural and environmentally friendly fibre, it’s also biodegradable and will disintegrate into the earth in about 1-5 years.

Finally, if you’re a hiker, you need Merino wool clothing for your next adventure – it’s the ultimate addition to your hiking gear.

Having a solid base layer for your hike is essential to keep your body temperature in balance, which is where Merino wool travel clothing truly shines. Due to its breathable and natural fibres, Merino wool is a recommended base layer as it is odour-resistant, quick-drying and soft. Its lightness pairs well with heavy jackets and overshirts in cold weather, and it works well on its own in warm weather.

Merino wool clothes for travel
Merino wool clothes for travel – Deposit Photos

Where to buy Merino Wool clothing

Some of the top Merino wool clothing brands include: 

Merino Wool t-shirts

Choosing a merino wool t-shirt is an excellent idea because they’re simple yet stylish and will feel silky smooth on your skin. They’re suited for any activity you may encounter on your travels, whether backpacking through the city, going on a business trip or trekking on an adventure. Merino wool clothing for travel is naturally fast drying, too.

Here are a few great Merino wool t-shirts for men and women:

Unbound Merino t-shirt
Unbound Merino t-shirt

Merino Travel Pants for Men

You will love these pants made from the finest Italian merino wool! It is ultra-light, stretchy and wrinkle-free – perfect for all your on-the-go adventures. Plus, it offers unbeatable comfort. Best of all, you can machine wash these pants and they’ll still look like new.

You’re looking at a product designed with the needs of travelers in mind. It’s ultra-light, compact and wrinkle-resistant, so you can pack it away easily and not worry about your clothes arriving wrinkled. A hidden back pocket with a convenient zipper provides additional storage space for important documents or utensils.

The material of the product is pure stretch comfort: especially on long flights or transit days you will appreciate this feature! The comfortable fit keeps you relaxed even after hours on the plane.

Buy it directly at the producer: Unbound Merino wool travel pants

Merino Wool travel shirts (button-up)

Merino wool travel shirts are an ideal travel companion. You can dress them up or down for any occasion, whether you’re going hiking or having a fancy dinner out on the town. Their lightweight material won’t take up too much room in your suitcase.

Unbound Merino button shirt
Unbound Merino button shirt

Merino Wool long sleeve t-shirts

Wearing a merino wool t-shirt with long sleeves is perfect for the traveller on the go. They’ll work for any occasion. Long sleeve t-shirts are ideal as a warming base layer for hikes but are also suited for casual wear due to their elasticity and anti-wrinkle properties.

Unbound Merino long sleeve shirt
Unbound Merino long sleeve shirt

Merino Wool hoodies

A merino wool hoodie is a classic outerwear choice. It has enough comfort for daily travels and offers temperature-sensitive fibres that will keep you warm in cold weather. They’re also incredibly soft and will not scratch your skin like other wool types. 

Unbound Merino sweater
Unbound Merino sweater

Merino Wool underwear

Merino wool is naturally moisture-wicking, and this can help it pull away sweat from your body, which could keep you drier than regular cotton underwear. It is antimicrobial, bacteria and odour resistant, so you will feel fresher for longer with merino clothes. 

Unbound Merino boxers
Unbound Merino boxers

Merino Wool socks

Socks are perhaps the most popular merino wool travel clothing. They can protect your feet from a full day of walking on a hike or around a big city as they offer warmth and superior moisture management thanks to the Merino wool fibres. Some merino wool socks brands offer cushioned soles for added support.

Unbound Merino socks
Unbound Merino socks

Merino Wool travel dresses

Merino wool clothing for travel, such as a travel dress, offers superior comfort and quality. Merino wool clothing has excellent stretch thanks to its high elasticity, making merino dresses the ideal choice for any activity, whether travelling or working.

Smartwool travel dress
Smartwool travel dress

Unbound Merino Travel Dress – Women

Enjoy a smooth transition from day to night with the ultimate in comfort, versatility and performance. The merino wool blend is so breathable and soft, you won’t want to take it off.

Experience a simple dress with exceptional performance – less laundry included! The casual style of the outfit comes without flashy logos.

It dries quickly to keep you comfortable. The fabric performs better than cotton or synthetics.

Our tip: With our high-performance Merino T-shirts, you can pack less and still enjoy maximum comfort.

Buy it directly at the producer: Unbound Women’s Merino Travel Dress

unbound Merino Travel Dress Women.
unbound Merino Travel Dress Women.

Merino Wool leggings

Merino wool leggings are an excellent choice for travelling. They offer unmistakable softness and natural odour control, so you could have a full day’s hike on a mountain and still feel fresh. The elasticity of merino wool clothes makes a difference and acts as a second skin, offering an extensive range of movement. The wool’s thermoregulation helps keep your body feeling cool when working out and warm when the weather is cold. 

MERIWOOL leggings
MERIWOOL leggings

Merino Wool accessories

Merino wool accessories, such as beanies, gloves, buffs and scarves, are a great way to stay toasty. Merino wool clothing has natural thermoregulating properties, meaning you will stay warm in cold weather.

How to care for Merino Wool while traveling

We know that cleaning your clothing is the last thing on your mind while travelling.

The first step to take care of your merino wool clothing is to check your clothing’s labels. Most brands include recommendations for washing, such as suggesting to wash a merino wool t-shirt after every 10-20 wears. Generally, merino clothes can last longer between washes.  

If you have limited access to facilities while travelling, you can hand wash your merino wool clothing in the sink. Turn the clothes inside out and use warm (but not hot) water with a neutral soap, with a pH level of around 7. Do not use fabric softener, as this can negatively impact the moisture-wicking properties of the wool. 

You can leave your merino wool clothing to soak for up to 15 minutes, then rinse and lay it flat to dry to help it keep its shape. You can also hang your clothes, and you should be fine.

The best long-term travel clothes

If you are an avid traveller or simply want more high-quality, sustainable clothing to add to your collection, merino clothes are a perfect match.

Merino wool is renowned for its elasticity, anti-wrinkling, thermoregulating and anti-odour properties, meaning it will look good and stay fresh for longer than other materials. 

Merino wool clothing for travel is also one of the softest wools available and will not scratch or irritate your skin. We highly recommend picking up a few merino basics – your suitcase will thank you on your next trip, as merino is lightweight and won’t take up too much room!

Whether you’re after a versatile merino wool t-shirt or warm merino hoodie, we think you’ll enjoy the luxurious feeling of merino no matter where you’re going. 

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