About Travel Dudes

Hi fellow Travelers and welcome to Travel Dudes!

I’m sure you’ve had similar experiences I had whilst traveling. You’re in a certain place and a fellow traveler, or a local, tip you off on a little-known beach, bar or accommodation. Great travel tips from other travelers or locals always add something special to our travels. That was the inspiration for Travel Dudes when we started 2004.

Travel Dudes is a private initiative & doesn’t have a big budget like other commercial sites. What Travel Dudes provides, are valuable tips, inspiration and advice from travelers based on their first-hand experience.

Travel Dudes is a community of travelers whose aim is to assist fellow travelers on their adventures around the world and help enhance their travel experience. For Travelers, By Travelers!

If you like to travel and if you have a detailed travel tip to share, get in touch with us, as it’s possible to share your own travel experiences! Recommend Travel Dudes , invite your friends and travel buddies to join as well! Fellow travelers around the world will thank you for it!

Thanks! Yours Melvin

Melvin Böcher


Melvin loves to travel, to discover the world, to travel free & untroubled & still be informed like an insider. Founder & CEO of Travel Dudes, COO of iambassador, co-founder of the Social Travel Summit.

Jenna Davis

Marketing & Campaign Management

Jenna is a Canadian content creator based in Dusseldorf, Germany. She loves sustainable and philanthropic travel experiences across the globe. Jenna is blogging her way through our Travel Dudes adventures abroad!

Jenna Finch

Social Media Manager

Jenna is a US American Social Media Manager based in Cape Town, South Africa. She specializes in managing our campaigns across various platforms. Jenna enjoys offbeat travel in the Middle East and Africa and is always in the process of plotting her next adventure.

Rui Dantas Rodrigues


Rui is a filmmaker from Madeira Island, Portugal. Rui is always looking for inspiration, to achieve crazy ideas and improbable angles. From food, wine, cities and people, everything and everyone has got a story to tell.

Becki Rendell

Sales & Presenter

Becki is British, but based in sunny Seville, Spain. She scuba dives and is interested in tracking wildlife, exploring ancient ruins and adventure travel. Basically she wants to be Lara Croft.

Nienke Krook

Social Media Manager

Dutch travel blogger and Pinterest consultant living in Amsterdam. Nienke writes about expat life and self-development through travel, discovering Outer World Experiences in Everyday Life.

Bridget Williamson

Editor & Affiliate

South African writer and blogger looking for the awesome in travel, food and delicious wine. Collector of passport stamps.

Scott Tisson


Adventures is first and foremost what its about, whether its a travel story, great experience, a spontaneous road trip or a daredevil activity I’ll show you first hand, usually with an action camera on my head!

Dave Brett


Travelling the world, one adventure at a time. Follow Dave Brett, a solo adventure traveler on his journey. He will inspire your next trip abroad, and help you plan it too.

Arpita Bhattacharya


Arpita lives in the midst of the cacophony of Kolkata, India but has spent the majority of her life living and traveling the world, spread over three continents. She loves to read and explores the world, one book at a time.

Greg Snell

Presenter & Videographer

Greg Snell is a Canadian Adventurer and winner of Australia's ‘Best Jobs in the World’ competition. He climbs, bikes, treks, & dives.