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Great Ideas for Visiting Walloon Brabant Safely

Chateau de La Hulpe, Walloon Brabant, Belgium
Belgium offers all kinds of different activities. One small region is particularly worth a visit: Walloon Brabant! Here are some ideas that...

Flanders Belgium: Cities to Visit in the Region

Brewery in Flanders Belgium
The three must visit cities in the Flanders Belgium region. This European country has its own culture, cuisine and style with French and Dutch influences.

Travel Tips for Louvain-la-Neuve, Brabant Wallon

Hergé Museum in Louvain la Neuve, Belgium.
Most travelers heading to Belgium will head straight to Brussels and won’t see much more of the country - we encourage you to visit Louvain-la-Neuve.

Reasons to Visit Antwerp

Reasons to visit Antwerp
Are you looking for reasons to visit Antwerp in Belgium? Well, we've got six great reasons to visit Antwerp - an amazing Belgium city!

Belgium Beyond Waterloo: Villers Abbey – Go Back in Time

- Category – Belgium
Villers Abbey is a ruin of an ancient Cistercian abbey, located in a small valley close to Villers-la-Ville. Step back into the 12th century with us.

Brussels with Kids

Brussels with Kids
The best things to do in Brussels with kids. Experiencing Brussels with kids is filled with fun activities and adventures.

Guide to Brussels: Activities in Brussels

Guide to Brussels - try the fries
Beautiful Brussels is a popular stop along the Eurotrip route. Read our guide to Brussels to know exactly what to get up to when visiting the city.

The Best (Cheap) Place to Eat in Bruges

Best places to eat in Bruges
We've found one of the best places to eat in Bruges - for delicious, cheap, local food. It's the best place to eat in Bruges on a budget!

Best Day Trips from Brussels

Best day trips from Brussels
A round up of the best day trips from Brussels, including Antwerp, Bruges, Ghent, Leuven and Namur. There's lots to explore in Belgium!

Exploring the Cultural Scene of Hainaut

- Category – Belgium
We visited Hainaut to explore the cultural scene and was quite taken by the variety and the uniqueness of the area.

Activities You Weren’t Expecting to Do in Hainaut, Belgium

- Category – Belgium
We are exploring the activities and things to do in the province of Hainaut, the Westernmost province of Wallonia, Belgium.

What to do in Antwerp: Take a World Trip

What to do in Antwerp - bicycle tours
Wondering what to do in Antwerp, Belgium? Why not travel the world and experience different nationalities...while staying in the same city.

Belgium Day Trips: Bruges, Ghent, and Antwerp

Reasons to visit Antwerp
There is so much to explore in Belgium, with many opportunities for Belgium day trips to explore different regions and cities.

A Culinary Trip to the Hainaut Region in Belgium

- Category – Belgium
We explored the Hainaut region finding the traditional tastes and dishes – the best local cheese and chocolate and of course the famous beer.

What to Do in Bruges: The Venice of the North

What to do in Bruges
Planning on visiting Bruges - the venice of the North with its picturesque canals. Read our guide on what to do in Bruges.

Belgian Cities to Visit

Cities in Belgium
Brussels is the bilingual capital of the country of Belgium, famous for its medieval towns with Renaissance architecture. Most of the trips to Belgium start and end...

Travel Tips for Brabant Wallon, Belgium

- Category – Belgium
Right beneath Brussels you'll find this little Belgium region Brabant Wallon. Here's the activities we got up to in the area.

Guide: A Day Trip to Bruges, Belgium

Day trip to Bruges
A day trip to Bruges is the perfect addition to your Belgium itinerary. Follow our highlights to make sure that you don't miss the best highlights.
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