Different types of travelers are everywhere. Traveling is a passion for many people around the world, and they all experience it in different ways.

While on a train, in a restaurant trying out traditional food of a certain country, or visiting different attractions, you can meet people who differ in their attitudes toward traveling and who hope to fulfill their own desires and needs concerning their trips.

Here’s a list of different types of travelers you can encounter on your vacation. Perhaps you’ll find out whether you belong to a specific category.

I bet you’ll be impressed that there are so many types of tourists around!

Here are some types of travelers to consider:

Adventure Travelers

These travelers plan their vacation with the aim of exploring the environment and actively participating in this experience. Although the notion of adventure is usually associated with dangerous sports, it isn’t limited to this kind of activity. Everything that provides you with a sense of adventure can fall under the scope of this category, regardless of the level of extremity.

Adventure travelers travel either alone or in groups of people seeking the same thrill, such as trekkers, climbers, mountaineers, and so on. They enjoy different activities, ranging from hiking, rafting, canoeing, climbing, and many others.

Backpackers also belong to this category of traveler, and they are usually young people who want to experience different traditions before committing to everyday obligations. Backpacking is characterized by authenticity and educational value; it is more than a simple vacation.

Here are some global adventure holidays to look through!

Members of Expedition

Traveling to remote destinations for a specific purpose is a characteristic of expedition members. This type of traveler is usually in good physical shape since they participate in various activities. They are similar to adventure travelers, but their journey is usually longer, requires specific skills and remote destinations.

Once again, they travel with a group of similar people all gathered for the same purpose. Since they are traveling to remote and extreme locations, they have to be ready for the unexpected, and their essentials include first aid, surgical and medical supplies.

Long-Term Travelers

These people are either members of embassy staff, missionaries, voluntary workers, remote workers, or simply backpackers who have decided to stick around in a certain place to their liking.

When it comes to long-term backpackers, getting an auto caravan may be a perfect option. Easy to move around, affordable and easy to sell, caravans are perfect choices for those who have found a temporary home abroad.

Different types of travelers
Which Category of Traveler do you Belong to?


Holidaymakers are people who seek the relaxation of a vacation, so they opt for a resort holiday. These are your typical holiday enthusiasts. They have worked for an extended period of time and now they are looking for a place to unwind. 

Holidaymakers are looking for a place that provides the comfort of their home or an increased amount of luxury for themselves and their family, much unlike the mentioned adventure travelers. Safety is the name of the game for these travelers, so they often choose places that are in proximity to emergency services. Holidaymakers aren’t really keen on uncertainty and adventures.

Different types of travelers
Which Category of Traveler do you Belong to?

Which of these types of travelers do you belong to?


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