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How To Plan Your Round-The-World Trip

Friday, October 28, 2016
How To Plan Your Round-The-World Trip

Planning a trip around the world may seem a daunting and complicated enterprise, but there are some basic strategies that help to can make the whole thing easier.


It is essential that key destinations are identified in the early stages of planning. Consider what seasonal events there are going to be during the time of travel, such as the Oktoberfest in Munich during September and October.


Many countries can process tourist visas quickly upon arrival, but some require prior notice, so this should be researched.


Except for the wealthy, drawing up a budget will be a necessity. Research into the costs of living in different parts of the world will pay dividends. For example, what would be a reasonable daily budget in Europe will stretch much further in most parts of Asia.


Some people may need to work during their trip, and care should be taken to ensure that appropriate visas are obtained. These are usually ‘working holiday’ visas.


There are of course a number of options for reaching destinations. Air, sea, and land using public transport such as coach, bus and rail, and privately rented vehicles. It is important to decide on how each part of the trip will be undertaken, as this will impact upon budget, timing and experience.

There are two types that can help with a round the world trip: Multi Destination and Around the World tickets. Multi destination tickets are just that: they consist of at least three flights and cross two or more time zones. Around the World tickets circumnavigate the globe and cross both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.The cost of such tickets can vary, so it is worth investigating prices for both.


It is important to set a date on which to start the trip, and have a projected end date. This provides a time frame within which the rest of the journey can be scheduled. It is wise to build in extra time to allow for delays.

Consideration should also be given to the seasonal events in countries to be visited. For example, if the timing of the trip is going to include Christmas, what would be the ideal place to celebrate the holiday?


Some countries require visitors to have appropriate vaccinations due to health risks. Most doctors will be able to offer appropriate advice on what vaccinations are required for which destinations.