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Hotel or AirBnb: The 7 Factors to Consider

Wednesday, November 30, 2016
Hotel or AirBnb: The 7 Factors to Consider

Dying to try out your holiday spot as a local? Or maybe you want to experience the luxury of living it up in a hotel? Airbnb has brought a new experience for the well-travelled tourist to try something new, yet hotels still offer creature comforts. Which one is the best choice for you?

  • Consistency: We like to know what we’re getting and when we’re getting it. We like holding people to standards if our expectations aren’t met. We can hold a hotel liable but not so much an unreliable host. Point – hotels.
  • Price: You can get a nice place to stay at Airbnb at a much cheaper cost. Point – Airbnb.
  • Service: This really could go either way with your hosts spoiling you, or hotel staff actually doing their job. Service is one of those things that works in both the Airbnb concept and with hotels. Point – both.
  • Safety: In the 8 years post 9/11, 20 countries reported 62 attacks; whereas 8 years prior to 9/11, 15 countries reported 30 attacks. Hotels are not that safe anymore depending on location and security staff. You could be safer in a home environment where nobody is targeting you as a tourist and you’re just one of the locals. However, that is if you are in a good neighborhood. Point – both.
  • Loyalty programs: There are a whole host of hotel chains, flights programs and other services that have loyalty programs where you can redeem the points that you have accumulated for free upgrades or even a free stay at a hotel. Point- hotel.
  • Meals: Going away and getting away from home life? Can’t wait to have your meals served right? No? Oh you’re wanting to save on eating-out expenses and prefer cooking yourself? Either way, both Airbnb and hotels both offer you an option according to your budget. Point- both.
  • Experience: Ever had hotel staff running after you, trying to sell you upgrades? Or a cleaner come in at an inopportune time? Here Airbnb trumps hotels by a mile. Live like a local, take care of the pets, talk to the Greek café owner and warmly greet your neighbours. This is where Airbnb shines. Point – Airbnb.

Airbnb wins by a hair whisker, and that is only because for me experience in a new place is key. I want to be free to explore without having to bother with etiquette and staff. But it may look very different for you. Make the choice that suits your lifestyle, budget and the experience you want. After all, this is your break away from home.