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Best Places to Visit in Europe

Saturday, September 10, 2016
Best Places to Visit in Europe

Arguably the most diverse continent in the world, Europe is full of wonderful and endlessly surprising places to visit. With so many countries, there’s a wide variety of cultures, cuisine and natural beauty to enjoy, and there’s just so much to do whichever country or countries you visit. Where you should go depends on what your own interests are, but here’s a mixture of a few of the best places to visit in Europe.


The ‘City of Love’ is an obvious choice for anyone making a European trip, especially for a romantic few days with someone special. The Eiffel Tower is the most famous and visible tourist attraction, of course, and well worth visiting, but there’s so much more. Art and architecture are world-famous, and there are many romantic cafes by the River Seine for a relaxing and intimate candlelit evening with some world-class wine and food.

The Greek Islands

Among its many other attractions, Greece is known for its countless islands, Rhodes, Crete and many more are popular destinations. Each island has its own charms, natural beauty, great weather and superb beaches, and most are worth exploring. That’s why island hopping is such a popular thing to do in Greece.

Iceland’s Volcanic Regions

Don’t expect any tropical weather here, of course, but for a look at some of the most fantastic, alien-looking landscapes on earth, visit the great natural wonders of Iceland’s volcanic regions. Active geysers, hot springs and weirdly-shaped volcanic geology dominate the scene. It’s like another world.

The Swiss Alps

Nothing can beat the majestic beauty of the Alps. Europe’s most attractive mountain range straddles several countries, including France, Italy and Austria. The country most closely associated with the Alps, however, is Switzerland. It’s small enough that you’re never far from picturesque villages, incredible mountain scenery or even exciting ski-runs if you’re feeling active.


Art lovers flock to Amsterdam’s art galleries and museums for some of the best original art in the world, especially Dutch impressionist art from home-grown Netherlands artists like Vermeer, Van Gogh and older masters like Rembrandt. Amsterdam is also well-known for its relaxing coffee bars and vibrant, liberal nightlife.

Wherever you go in Europe, you can find terrific attractions. Overall, it’s a safe and friendly continent for visitors and, if you have enough time, you can explore the whole European continent to your heart’s content.