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10 Tips to Find The Cheapest Air fares

Thursday, August 25, 2016
10 Tips to Find The Cheapest Air fares

With the holiday season fast approaching, you can expect airfares to go up, especially closer to the dates. However, if you intend to go for a fancy vacation with your family, you need some insider tips to get the biggest bargain in terms of air fares.

1. Early purchase

Airfares typically skyrocket in the last two weeks before peak periods. If you are going overseas, you have a higher chance of getting cheaper fares if you book early.

2. Late purchase

If it’s your lucky day, you can get a crazy deal by buying your ticket last minute especially if an airline hasn’t met its target number of flyers.

3. Scout for discounts

Be sure to check for fantastic deals and discounts on travel sites for ongoing fare sales.

4. Refunds when fares drop

If after buying your ticket the fares drop, you can ask for a refund from the particular airline. However, you should note that policies may differ from one airline to another, but it won’t hurt to ask for one.

5. Get an air pass

Depending on where you are flying to, individual countries offer air passes in a bid to promote tourism in their countries. Research on the country you are traveling to see if they have air passes for tourists.

6. Frequent flier

Why buy an air ticket when you can redeem your miles? This is a good option especially if you are doing early booking as airlines tend to limit the number of free seats they give to frequent fliers.

7. Flexibility

If you live near a couple of airports, take your time to check out the airfares from the different airports and also see the fares on various dates. You are likely to find cheaper tickets especially if you are planning to travel on Wednesday, Tuesday or Saturday.

8. Window shop

No matter how friendly the fare sounds, don’t be tempted to make immediate payment. Check out a few of the other main airlines before making your choice.

9. Know the best time to buy

The most challenging aspect of booking a flight is knowing the best time to buy. However, we can help you find out whether fares are expected to go up or down and also tell you the best time to buy a ticket.

10. Check out discount airlines

Discount airlines can help you save a lot of cash though they are not the easiest to find. We can help you identify some of these airlines flying around the time you want to fly.